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My stint at Prairie View A&M university did not involve many extra curricular activities beyond studying for my classes each semester.  I never did go to any sporting events due to the fact that I lived about an hour away from school and I just did not usually have the time or energy to attend.  Maybe I didn’t go because my school spirit was not like that of some of my surrounding schools that worship their sporting programs in a cult like fashion.

School spirit is not a bad thing, I just didn’t have any.  And when it came to Prairie View football, all anyone would ever commend us on would be our great marching band.   Again, not a bad thing, but its sad when the band and the half time show received more attention than the actual football team.

ESPN deemed us the #1 Worst College Football Team of All Time for our 80 game losing streak in the 1990s.  Not a great way to get people interested in our program.

Then all that changed about 6 years ago when a coach named Henry Fraizer III took over the PVAMU football program.  Fast forward and this year he and the team has earned the highest achievement by winning the Southwestern Athletic Conference (SWAC) Championship game against Alabama A&M 30-24.

FINALLY, some bragging rights and another reason to feel proud of my school.

Here are some pics from after the win…GO PANTHERS, keep up the good work!


Panther team!


Defensive End Quinton Spears and quarterback K.J. Black were named defensive and offensive MVPs of Saturday’s Title Game.


Coach Fraizer celebrating the victory!


Dr. George C. Wright (left) and PVAMU Head Football Coach Henry Fraizer III (center).

On another note, Dr. Judy Perkins took over the Civil Engineering Department at Prairie View A&M while I was there and she just received an award from the TAMUS Board of Regents for exemplary contributions to the university and to the people of Texas.

One more reason to be proud.

Laker Hater

I don’t like the Lakers.  Back in the day I did, but now they have turned into a bunch of crying babies that don’t really play good, clean, basketball.  I think it is mandatory that when you become a Laker you take acting classes to learn how to flop, cry, complain, play dirty, and act like Kobe.  Everyone on that team behaves exactly like Kobe, even though they don’t have any stats or respect to back it up.  I do respect Kobe’s game, he is consistent and a great athlete, but he still isn’t ready to be next to the G.O.A.T., but that’s another story.

Anyhow, the other night Derek Fisher (dirtiest player on the Lakers) got dunked on pretty nasty by Corey Brewer of the Minnesota Timberwolves.  I didn’t watch the game, but my brother called me that morning to tell me because he knew how happy it would make me to know that he was dunked on once again.

So far, this is probably the nastiest dunk of the year besides Dwayne Wade over Anderson Varejao.

The way the Rockets are playing, if we could only get Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming 100%, we could make a run at a championship.

Houston, We Still Believe.

Entry I

What up friends and fam!!! This is my first blog, on here….but trust me, I have been blogging in my mind for years.  And since I had my boy Shane set me up with this, I have literally been keeping a mini blog in my G1 with the intention of starting soon…for those of you that know me personally, you know that means never. BUT…Im finally HERE!  Anyhow…this is my first entry, and I will be posting all of my events here as well as ideas, future endeavours, things I like, things I hate, and so on and so forth. Hopefully I will have my mission statement up soon on my website and then you can learn more about what my intentions are for my site and life…until then…

I leave you with two pics, some Geico money I got on my birthday….it was watching everyone all night.

My birthday cake…


And me…