Sunday Brunch x Hustle Grade Anniversary

hustle grade anniversary

Our sister squad Hustle Grade is turning 1 tomorrow and we are super excited to be celebrating with them. Sunday brunch will be just a little more lit. Shout out to Kelsy McDaniel and the Hustle Grade team. Peep some pics from some previous brunches and we will see you brunchaholics bright and early at 11am. Pics by Doogie Roux.

Hou x Nola (February)

three keys feb

Back in New Orleans this Saturday for our cities soul swap. This event is a ton of fun, and the Ace Hotel is such an amazing place. Between the food, entertainment, and uniqueness of the decor and architecture…I hardly want to leave. Catch us in Three Keys with Houston’s own Jack Freeman, and Nola’s Elliot Love and Dj Ally Bea.

Use code HOUXNOLA for a discount when booking your stay.

Waxaholics x Black Panther Movie Premier


There are only a few times in life that you will witness something bringing more attention, anticipation, and excitement to your peers than you have ever seen…and the release of Black Panther is without a doubt one of those times.  I couldn’t be more excited to be a part this release party. We have teamed up with Martell, and they have provided a special early screening at Edwards Greenway theater. Obviously the after party will take place at Alley Kat with The Waxaholics, so don’t miss out. Shout out to the homie Tay Mitch for the assist.

black panter waxaholics

GRANDE HTX (The Do Over)



I remember one of my first parties in a professional setting (which means not a house party). It was at Yao Ming’s Restaurant on Westheimer, and it was shut down by the fire marshal due to capacity issues. I actually thought my life was over and they would never invite me back to do another event ever again, but I was wrong. They assured me that we could work on the issues at hand and definitely try it again. That was in 2004. Fast forward to 2018, and its been 3 months since we’ve held Grande, plus we have a new spot and a new start. Well the same thing happened. Capacity and flow issues forced an early shut down and some disappointment, but that should always lead to lessons learned.

And learned we have, and we are back this month with more bartenders, more bars, more open space and a new mindset to give our guest the best GRANDE experience that we can give.

Join us at Lucille’s, Saturday February 17th. And peep some pictures from the last event before the shutdown.

As always free entry, and $5 parking just across the street.


Must Love Beards (Houston)

Excited to do this event with I Don’t Do Clubs out of New York.
A little information about the party:
MUST LOVE BEARDS was created by I DON’T DO CLUBS founder Genese Jamilah in January 2015. MUST LOVE BEARDS is a national day party for men who rock beards and women who can’t get enough of them. Women’s tickets are sold in advance to ensure the event is gender balanced. Men are allowed into the event for free, beard or not.

Check their website for more information and links to tickets, this should be interesting and fun.


The Electric Fix (Los Angeles)

We’re taking this party on the road. “The Fix” is my monthly collaboration with Sean Falyon out of Atlanta. But tonight we collab with our LA peeps for “The Electric Fix“. Sounds by Sean Falyon, Spill, Mantron, and special guest DJ Tony Touch. Hosted by the homie El Prez and Definite. Looking forward to this…fall through.

Grand Star Jazz Club
943 N. Broadway

2pac wax1

All Eyez on Wax

Fresh off of a Kanye West birthday tribute, we go for “another one” with a 2pac and West Coast tribute.  The new bio topic just released in theaters last week, and his birthday just passed, so it was only right. All vinyl hits per our usual Thursday theme, be sure to wear your chucks and get those W’s ready.

Update: Prodigy of Mobb Deep passed away in Las Vegas yesterday morning, more than likely we gotta end the night with some Mobb Deep and company. Sad day in hiphop, but the music always keeps you alive.