One thing remained the same every year growing up, and that is this: my younger brother ALWAYS wanted a RC (remote controlled) car for Christmas.  And he usually got one, but more than likely it was never the car that he was dreaming up in his imagination.  It would usually either be too slow, or it only worked in the kitchen, or on the tile or vinyl floor, and not on the carpet, or it would have that wire attached between the car and the remote…that would really piss him off.

As we got older he started to pick out his own, and they still would only last a good month or so because it would be torn to shreds from flipping over so many times, or the battery would die and cost too much to buy another one.  One of the main problems was us thinking we were mechanics and taking the thing apart only to find out we couldn’t put it back together again.

Well, now we are all grown up, but things haven’t changed much.  On Christmas Day we hit the streets after dinner to watch my bro go to work with his toy.  Finally in the Big League, this car ain’t no joke…it can do about 70 mph.







I will post some video of his car in action soon…this thing is crazy quick.