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Brand New

I’m a little late, as usual, but 2010 is upon us and if you haven’t started yet, now is the time to get a jump on the year’s goals.  If you are anything like anyone else I know, that day was today, Monday.  Because there is no way anyone was going to start a brand new diet, exercise regime, or resolution of some sort on a Friday.  So there, I said it.

On to the next one.  I have a lot in store for this year, and I hope the year is bigger and better than 2009, its supposed to be anyway.  A friend of mine told me I needed to take the rest of the year off and wait until this week to really start the blueprint of my takeover, but I went ahead and got a jump start cause I know how lazy I am already.

I hope everyone is enjoying my post and pics thus far, I will continue to bring you my events and experiences first hand for your reading and viewing pleasure.  I am a bit behind, so I have about 3 party pics to post including pics from a crazy House of Blues party and New Years.  I also got some other random stuff, and some cool pics from the Texans victory game yesterday.

I was so ecstatic about that victory, the energy and emotion in that game was crazy…I am so happy to have been a part of that history making moment.  With that, I leave you with only one pic for now, with promise of more to come the rest of the week.


¡Felíz año nuevo!

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