Premier + AM + 21 Mercer

On Saturday at 21 Mercer in NY, two great djs, Dj AM and Dj Premier, unveiled their own Nike shoes to the world.  Dj Am chose a dunk while Premo went with the classic Air Force 1.  Both are good looking shoes and it is a great accomplishment to anyone that is able to collaborate with Nike to design and develop a shoe for the masses to see and actually take home.  I would actually love to have the opportunity, but it would be so hard to do, I can barely design a shoe on Nike ID.

Congratulations to both parties, RIP Dj AM, and I hope someone was able to get their hands on a pair.


For myself, I would definitely cop this pack that came with the Serato Records as well, but I could not find it anywhere.  And the package was on eBay the next day for about $800 and counting…wish me luck.  Anyhow, here are some more pics and a video of the event Friday night…it was full of industry folk, I would have loved to be there too.



Dj Clark Kent shouts out Prairie View on this one…nice to see Ed Lover still on the scene.

Check out the full video here for more on Premier and the whole concept.  Dope project period.

Go Hard or Go Home?

This is a tough one.  I guess you would have to be there to really see how this went down, but in a true sportsman’s eyes, this should never happen. 

Houston’s Jack Yates beat up on Lee High School last night by a score of 170-35.  It was 100-12 at half time.  I don’t know about you, but when I was growing up, that’s like the 7-0 skunk rule, just call it quits.  Anyhow, you can read more about the article here

Here is Greg Wise on ESPN this morning trying to defend his decision to continue the game.  Good luck with that one.

Check out Yates scores from earlier in the year, they beat one team by 99 points.  I wonder how come we didn’t hear anything then?

Speed Racer

One thing remained the same every year growing up, and that is this: my younger brother ALWAYS wanted a RC (remote controlled) car for Christmas.  And he usually got one, but more than likely it was never the car that he was dreaming up in his imagination.  It would usually either be too slow, or it only worked in the kitchen, or on the tile or vinyl floor, and not on the carpet, or it would have that wire attached between the car and the remote…that would really piss him off.

As we got older he started to pick out his own, and they still would only last a good month or so because it would be torn to shreds from flipping over so many times, or the battery would die and cost too much to buy another one.  One of the main problems was us thinking we were mechanics and taking the thing apart only to find out we couldn’t put it back together again.

Well, now we are all grown up, but things haven’t changed much.  On Christmas Day we hit the streets after dinner to watch my bro go to work with his toy.  Finally in the Big League, this car ain’t no joke…it can do about 70 mph.







I will post some video of his car in action soon…this thing is crazy quick.

Brand New

I’m a little late, as usual, but 2010 is upon us and if you haven’t started yet, now is the time to get a jump on the year’s goals.  If you are anything like anyone else I know, that day was today, Monday.  Because there is no way anyone was going to start a brand new diet, exercise regime, or resolution of some sort on a Friday.  So there, I said it.

On to the next one.  I have a lot in store for this year, and I hope the year is bigger and better than 2009, its supposed to be anyway.  A friend of mine told me I needed to take the rest of the year off and wait until this week to really start the blueprint of my takeover, but I went ahead and got a jump start cause I know how lazy I am already.

I hope everyone is enjoying my post and pics thus far, I will continue to bring you my events and experiences first hand for your reading and viewing pleasure.  I am a bit behind, so I have about 3 party pics to post including pics from a crazy House of Blues party and New Years.  I also got some other random stuff, and some cool pics from the Texans victory game yesterday.

I was so ecstatic about that victory, the energy and emotion in that game was crazy…I am so happy to have been a part of that history making moment.  With that, I leave you with only one pic for now, with promise of more to come the rest of the week.


¡Felíz año nuevo!