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Entry I

What up friends and fam!!! This is my first blog, on here….but trust me, I have been blogging in my mind for years.  And since I had my boy Shane set me up with this, I have literally been keeping a mini blog in my G1 with the intention of starting soon…for those of you that know me personally, you know that means never. BUT…Im finally HERE!  Anyhow…this is my first entry, and I will be posting all of my events here as well as ideas, future endeavours, things I like, things I hate, and so on and so forth. Hopefully I will have my mission statement up soon on my website and then you can learn more about what my intentions are for my site and life…until then…

I leave you with two pics, some Geico money I got on my birthday….it was watching everyone all night.

My birthday cake…


And me…


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